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how can i be hired?

How can I be hired? Why I can't still have any progress on my given proposals, Is there any wong? give me some advise or tips guys


Hi Rollen,


As a fresh freelancer, you should first furnish your profile with a professional touch. 

  • Make your Title short and appealing that describes your skills well.
  • Try passing some relevant Upwork tests with good scores. This helps new applicants as they have no showcase of experiences.
  • Apply to the jobs which fit your skills.
  • Apply with an intelligent cover letter - covering all the specifications the client is looking for.

Hope this will help you. All the best. 



Thank yu very much sir, I hope I can get a job soon

I had a similar problem.  Competition is fierce, especially when you are trying to apply for jobs that 50+ other freelancers are applying for.  So, in the beginning I used an odd strategy.  I focused on keyword searches that include words like "now", "urgent", "today", "tonight" and other terms that might mean the client was in a hurry and needed the work right now.  


That way, I was able to get my first few jobs because no one else wanted to compete with me at 2am.  


I also did my best to do a good, fast job for them and gave them dirt cheap prices.  Like $3 per hour.  


My goal was not to make money.  My goal was to become known.  Not sure if it was the best approach, but it worked.


Its hard, time consuming, and there is no money in it for a month, but that was my strategy.


Now, getting work is very easy.  All you have to do is please 100% of your clients 100% of the time.  Right?


(Choose your clients carefully)


Regarding Mercy O's post, I would advise against charging dirt cheap. That communicates to your client that your services aren't very valuable. And when you build your profile, you'll give yourself a hard time raising your rate because you started so low. Yes, you'll attract some cheap clients but those aren't the best clients anyway. It's probably better to charge a low (because you're new) but still reasonable rate.


But the idea of going after some urgent jobs to build your profile is clever.

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