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how many proposals will get a job in average



i'm new to here. And I've submit more than ten proposals.


But I only get one response. I quickly finished the job. and after that, I can't receive response any more.


How could I get my next job quickly.




Hi Rain,


We can't give you any specific number of proposals before you can get hired. Please know that the hiring process depends on the client's decision on whom they would like to work with.  I took a look at your profile, and would like to share some tips to help you improve it and also how you can write proposals: 


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You can find more helpful resources here.

~ Joanne

Hi Joanne,

Many tanks for your kindly tips. I will follow the tips to modify mine. And if convinient, could you help evaluate my profile or just rate it.

Hello Rain! 


I think 1 job for 10 proposals is a good start especially considering you are new here and it was your first job. Many freelancers struggle here to get their first job. 


As for average hiring rate I think it differs from freelancer to freelancer and their expertise, for me getting the first job was difficult and I did not land any job for several months. But once I completed few jobs, I got regular invitations and interviews. 


Currently, I get interviews from about 10% of all the jobs I bid for and about 25% of those inerviews result in job offers. 


But as per Upwork stats page my interview and hiring rate is significanty lower than others, so I'd think there are people who get interviewed and hired more often than me! 


Bets of luck!