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how to filter abusive payment jobs.

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Victor A Member Since: Apr 14, 2017
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this is just a question for orientation, nothing too important. 

ok i will explain what i mean. i was studing how to filter jobs and found the -word way on the advanced search plus all the other filters. great. but i still find "high" budget $$$ expert posts that pay 0.5/2 dollrs per design and ask for 5000 marvelous designs.

tried -1$ -2$ on the filter doesnt work. great if other ppl find that apealing but i get really pissed off.


any tip?. thanks.


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Rebecca R Member Since: Feb 26, 2019
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Hi Victor,


I feel your pain. I've even submitted a "wish list" request for drastic improvements to the search options we freelancers have.


However, I'm not sure how any program could filter for this particular sort of thing.


If it could, it could also filter out for scammers and virus senders


Yup, I got sent a virus yesterday. I've no idea if it was intentional or the potential client was not aware before she sent it. But, she never replied after I told her my virus scanner blocked the file *and* I got an email the next morning from Upwork about the file being a virus and "please scan" so I wasn't the only one to whom she sent it.


Yesterday was such a banner day that another potential client pulled the old bait and switch. I proposed on a job and they contacted me, but then they said that job was "filled" (though it wasn't marked so in Upwork, or duh, I wouldn't have proposed (and it still wasn't when I checked during our conversation)). They then wanted to interview me for another job, but, oh, heeeeeeeey, wait, that other one would be paid outside of Upwork and would require purchases on my part after which I would be reimbursed. Ha. Not gonna happen. I reported that one right away.


That's a long way of saying that there's really no way to screen for some of these sorts of things, no matter how hard Upwork might try to do so. We as freelancers have to take the time to read the job descriptions, check the client info (when they joined, do they have their payment method verified, etc. etc), and either skip them or negotiate with them with our best interests at heart. Just as they also have to evaluate us and make wise choices based on our stated skills, feedback, Upwork history, etc. before either skipping us or negotiating with us with their best interests at heart. 

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Tiffany S Member Since: Jan 15, 2016
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There's no way to do this, because every client posts things differently. For example, the budget on the job might be $200, but that could be for one blog post or a block of 250 posts. Similarly, many good-paying clients have no idea what a job will take, and so use a $5 placeholder.


If you're angry about the fact that most of the jobs you see aren't for you, you may not be well suited for freelancing platforms. The only way to scan the jobs effectively is to...scan the jobs. 

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Victor A Member Since: Apr 14, 2017
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dear Tiffany S thanks for the info. Now about your "opinion", 1- Most of the jobs i see when searching are for me thanks to the filters (except those mentioned) 2- not angry about the filtering, took me two years freelancing on upwork to care about this topic, and i stated this was " nothing too important"  what pisses me off are those jobs, not the fact i cannot filter them... anyway that is offtopic.

hum so there are no tricks to filter those right? bummer, cannot writte a full sentence after the - ? like

"-we pay 0.5 per design" will try that.