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how to get my first project on Upwork.

how to get my first project on my  Upwork profile. Please brother help me. I am new here. 

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I would strongly recommend doing more research on how to set up a profile for your industry, especially when it comes to what you should charge. It looks like your hourly rate is extremely low, especially for this type of work. 


In general, it looks like your graphic design work is nicely done, but I'm having trouble figuring out your expertise based on the text on your profile. I'm only seeing one bit of employment history from last year. You should at least put your freelance work in your employment history as well—just list it as "Self-Employed". 


Also the text on your profile is poorly written, so it's difficult to understand. There are a lot of typographical errors that make it difficult to read as well. I especially would like to see more clarity in your Education section. What college did you go to and what level of degree did you receive? What was your major? What were your minors?


I think working on these things would likely help you attract more clients. 

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The images in your portfolio should be work that you yourself has created, not screeshots with stock samples created by someone else.


If you have experience, then post some of your own original work.

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