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how to get out of the circle

Good day!

When we register on this site, we already have experience and a certain rating, we do not have a rating only here.

I think I'm not the only one who asked these questions - how (with two or three months of work on this site and with a regular customer) to find new ones if they need growing talent (you do not send an invitation, although I saw people with a small portfolio and without experience that have growing talent)?

- New customers want to see reviews - (how to get feedback if customer service continues)?



For starters, many start with a small price (but this is not the price we want)

- and how to get out of this circle of responsibility?

do not send to articles and videos already looked and read everything

-and yet I am studying and living in Europe now, how to change the country d in the profile without changing tax documents)


Hello Margarita!


I've had 5 years of experience in my field before I started freelancing on UpWork.

I had the same questions and problems you've just stated.

The solution for me was keeping my rate as low as possible, satisfying my clients' needs and wants. Within one year I built up a great UpWork profile with %100 job success and I earned the Top Rated badge.


The secret is being patient and hard working.


Also I'll be travelling over the Europe for couple of months and I don't know if I need to change my location on UpWork since that I'll be working while I travel. I certainly do not want to pay taxes as a "tourist". Maybe an UpWork specialist could help us out.


Last but not least, Wroclaw will be one of my spots and I'd love to arrange an UpWork meeting at Rynek if that's possible. I'd love to get to know other freelancers.

thanks! let me know when you are in Wroclaw.

Yes, I managed to change the location)

I had 20 years' experience before coming here. I'm a designer so I was able to put portfolio items on my page that showcased my work, but basically I targeted a few jobs where I knew I could make a difference and did them for much less than I would ever work for now. I also got really creative with my proposals. It took time and patience, but now I am earning enough here to survive.