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how to know weather client has viewed your proposal or not?

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Nishu S Member Since: Aug 29, 2017
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I am new to upwork na di have submitted many proposal but i am not sure weather client has viewed my proposalor not?


Can anyone help me in this. I just want to know weather my proposal is viewed by client or not. I am not any notofication in this regard.


Here is my Profile URL


Please review my profile also.

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Sebastian Z Member Since: Sep 17, 2017
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Hey there. I'm also fairly new to the site, but I think I can lend you some help with that.

I don't think you can directly see a "yes" or "no" prompt that would say if the client saw your proposal. But what you can do, is on your proposals list, check when you submitted it, and then click on it and once your seeing your proposal, click on "view job posting". Once in the job post scroll down to the "activity on this job section" and there you'll find an item called "Last viewed by client" and that will give you an ide aof the last time the client saw the post.

You can use that, with the aproximate number of aplications to at least have a better idea of how likely it is that the employr has seen your proposal or not.

It's nto a perfect method. But it's what I've found so far. Also, I'd advice being patient, I have been in the site for a month at best so far. But my little experience tells me a bunch of clients ted to take some time to reply or check their posts unless they're in a hurry to get the job done.

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Mary W Member Since: Nov 10, 2014
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Why would you want to see if the client looked at your proposal?  Send your proposal and move on would be my advice.  You will only make yourself crazy wondering about individual proposal.

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Sebastian Z Member Since: Sep 17, 2017
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I guess part of the idea would be to know how your availability will play out in function of clients accepting a proposal or not. Accepting a job that will take some time only to have another one pop up kind if unexpectedly could lead to complicated tiem constraints and awkward situations.

At least that's my idea.

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Lizette L Member Since: Oct 20, 2018
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hi sebastian i hope you could help me why everytime i try to submit my proposal the message always prompt ive already applied to this job
Valeria K Moderator Member Since: Mar 6, 2014
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I can confirm that your proposals are delivered to clients. If a client accepts or declines your proposal, you'll be notified. However, you won't be able to see if the client has viewed your proposal.

~ Valeria