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how to upgrade freelance account to agency accont


I'm new on UpWork, and I have write my account to freelance

I work often with my son, stay in France ( I live in Thailand)

I would like to associate my son with me to create an agency and like this , work together

how I can make?


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Hello Marc,


Unfortunately, you can't upgrade your account from a freelancer to an agency account. However, you can create an agency instead and switch between your freelancer and agency account easily. Please click here for more information. Thank you.


I don't understand !

yesterday, I have look for make, and I can do

I have speak about with my son, for make today, and today, surprise, no link for make

close ?


Hi Marc, 

Have you tried following these steps to add someone to your agency: 


To add someone to your agency:

  1. Go to your Accounts menu (∨) > Settings > Members & Permissions.
  2. Select Invite a New User and fill in the form, including choosing roles and permissions.
  3. Select Invite User. The person will receive a notification to join your team and can accept or decline your invitation.

~ Avery
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