huge problem with client

I have a huge problem with the client, we started a simple order 7 months ago. The order was made by me over 6 months ago. However, Until today, the customer wants new patches, new changes. I obeyed everything obediently. After a very long time, the client decided that the order was completed. However, she did not want to close the order. After a short time, she asked for additional corrections, I asked for a surcharge of $ 50, the client agreed, I made corrections, but the client did not send $ 50 or the last milestone ($ 40). The client 4 days ago once again decided that the order was completed, I asked for she closed the order, however, she did not do it for 3 days (she promised that she would close soon). Now she writes that I would send additional files .... I did not agree because I stopped trusting this client completely, I know that if she sends files again he will not close the contract. In addition, the client is extremely non-communicative, always responds to one, incomplete word, I am convinced that despite my huge work on the project and despite always being 100% cultured and professional, the client will give me a negative opinion because she is unfortunately nasty. I do not know what to do, my JSS has already suffered on this assignment, I do not want it to suffer more ....I told the client that he would send files if he would finish the contract, pay the overdue money and write reviews adequate to my work. However, the client got angry and reported me to UPwork. Can anyone know how this matter can end?


fyi: you can close a contract, so the part about only her able to do it is wrong. If there is no money in escrow and  you know she isn't going to pay, you can always close it.

Marcel, I think you have mitigating circumstances, so I hope Upwork doesn't suspend you, but they might, because if you didn't know, you're not allowed to ask a client for positive feedback. And telling a client they're difficult isn't a good idea, no matter how difficult they are. I hope you'll get paid something for your work, but I think you're in a tough spot.

"No good deed goes unpunished." -- Clare Boothe Luce

at the end, emotions captured me. But a contract for little money which lasts 7 months ... is just the end of our conversation, which was very long. Hundreds of patches, hundreds of additions.

Just curious if this ever got resolved. Nightmare clients are a fear of mine. I can easily imagine this happening to me and my company on such a platform. I want to know what can happen and how to avoid it.

@marselozi wrote:

at the end, emotions captured me. But a contract for little money which lasts 7 months ... is just the end of our conversation, which was very long. Hundreds of patches, hundreds of additions.



The number of revisions you do, the amount of money you make, the length of time a project takes ... that is all in your control. There is absolutely no reason for this to have happened.



I have to say, you were not very professional. I know at times a client can get to you, push your buttons, aggravate, annoy and stress you out, but you have to remain calm, professional and think things out.


This job was supposed to last only a month. When you seen that it kept going on and on, you can close the contract. You are not obligated to work with a client who gives scope creep and refuses to fund escrow.


You don't do any work until a client FULLY funds escrow no matter what they say. When this client didn't fund escrow, you could have nicely said, I'm sorry, but you agreed to fund an extra $xx into escrow. I can not work until escrow is fully funded Once you do that, I can send you the files for you to check out. 


If this client still stalls , then you can close the contract.  To barter for feedback, to ask for feedback and to respond to the client (even if she deserved it) is unprofessional and can get you suspended.

All you had to do after 1 month was to end the contract and all of these problems back and forth would have been avoided. 


Marcel P wrote:

... my JSS has already suffered on this assignment

No. It has not. Not yet, anyway.