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i am new here and need some help



i am new here and have couple of questions

first i made a proposal and upworks says

You do not meet all the client's preferred qualifications

You may still submit a proposal, but the client will see that the proposal does not meet the following criteria:

  • Upwork Hours: 100

what is upwork hours ? is that means i must had working 100 hrs before ?


second issue

what is the best way to ensure i get paied with no scams ect...

puttung in mind i have downloaded the desktop app. , what is your advices


Thank you


I think you need to go and read help topics.
All of these are well explained there.
Also, here on the forum are tons of topics which will guide you thru the process.

thank you


i am doing that i am just looking for quick and short answers


thanks again


Of course there are short answers on your questions, but that might lead you to have problems with potential clients.

That's why I'm suggesting you to go into details thru help and forum topics in order to fully understand how all of this works.





 You can apply for jobs whose qualifcations you do not meet. The example is the hundred hours worked here. 

Please don't be put off by this. Sometimes clients would put this to ward off 'junk candidates', but if they are any good, they would still value your candidacy if it has any merit. 


 As to your second question, try to conduct interviews etc via the upwork sotware. To not get scammed (as stated, there is plenty of information in the forums), but my main advice is: do everything via upwork, set contracts and milestones BEFORE you begin any job. Make sure the client has a verified payment at least if it doesn't have feedback, but ideally try to find your first few jobs for people who already have feedback. 


 Lastly, don't lower your fees. If you think your work is worth it, it is sometimes better to let go by a few jobs that are very picky, have lots of requirements and pay you very little, just on the off chance that you might get some feedback. 


 Hope this helps 

One last thing, I just noticed on your profile, you don't have any tests. 

From the main site -> find work -> tests   there are a variety of tests you can take to show off your skills. (if for some reason the tests aren't satisfactory, you can choose to hide them from your profile and retake them again a month later)

Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi Sherif Talaat,


Carol already responded to your questions and shared great tips. Additionally, please review the safety tips and freelancer resources, and let us know if you have any questions or concerns we can help advise on. Regarding applying to jobs that include preferences you mentioned, as long as you have the required skills and experience to complete the work in line with the client's requirements, go ahead and submit a proposal.

~ Vladimir