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i did not get jobs easlly

i spent last 30 days more than 250 connects and did not get chances and i did some updates to my profile but i hardlly get interviews .


i notic that the last few months i didnt get any new projects .


is there is something new i dont understand? 

i need some one to evaluate my profile ..


your reply is highlly appreciated !


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Your profile looks really good. I would expect that you get invitations to interview? Make sure to try to reply to as many of those as possible. The only thing I would expect is impacting you negatively is your job success score, I would focus on raising that.

i don't get any invitations .

i had when i was higher than 90% and 100% but now no i don't .


my jss hardlly go up may i increase 1% even if i do 2 contracts succefully so it is like turtle and go down again.


really iam disappointed to be here from more than 3 years and still suffer this issues and hardlly get work

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This is one of those times where it's obvious why but you're not allowed to say.

sorry, I don't understand what do you mean?? 
can you clarify please?  

I would pick one of the two skills you offer and concentrate on that.

If design is your strong point, quit data entry.

Then build a really strong portfolio and let your work speak for itself.

Also, people may expect to pay more for professional services such as you are offering, so you may need to raise your rates.

Just a few suggestions since you asked.

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