i have a question

i have a question different from yours but i got a job offer to work for **edited for Community Guidelines** and i wanted to know if you know if they are safe to work for, are all companies on this site safe to use since they ask for out bank account numbers please need help with this i want to accept the offer for the job but am really scard to trust what do you think??

Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi Tamara,


Please, flag the job posting for our team to review or submit a support ticket with details. Never start working for a client without an active contract in My Jobs tab and never share your personal, financial or log in information with them.

~ Valeria


Bringing your questions here to the Community Forum is the right thing to do!


If you don't know something, then ask, which is what you did. Good move.


re: "i got a job offer to work for"


You are a brand-new contractor without in-demand job skills. You will not receive any invitations from out of the blue except from people who are trying to trick you and steal your money or time or identity details.


You need to proactively apply to jobs in order to get hired. After you have some experience or improve your skills, you will receive legitimate invitations.


re: "i wanted to know if you know if they are safe to work for"


Definitely not safe to work for.


re: "are all companies on this site safe to use?"


Oh my goodness, no. There are many scammers on this website. But the good news is they focus almost entirely on newbies. Honestly, I NEVER receive invitations from scammers and never run into them in my own work on Upwork. So that's something you can look forward to, after you gain experience.


re: "they ask for out bank account numbers"

Why would any legitimate company or client on Upwork need your bank account numbers?

Answer: They don't.


Anybody "client" or company on Upwork who asks for your bank account numbers, or PayPal details, or other personal information such as social security number, personal address, birthday, etc. is trying to scam you.


You set up your bank account within your Upwork settings, and that's it. You never give that information to any client.