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i have bidded for almost 35 jobs and 5 of them are viewed is this normal?

i have bidded for almost 35 jobs and 5 of them are viewed is this normal? i bidded 35 jobs in 3 days


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There is no normal on upwork. 

You need to set your own goals. For example, I would consider 50% viewed, of these 50% interview, of these 50% hire to be an ok statistics, so basically a roughly 10% hire rate.  

Thank you

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In the current market yes. I suggest being more selective with your applications. Also, before bidding check to see how many people applied, how many are currently being interviewed, and the client's last activity. If there are a lot of applications but no interviews, don't bother. If there are a few applications but no activity from the client 24 hours after posting, also not really worth applying. Good luck!

thank you


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This seems to be normal from the client response perspective. However we might want to look for ways to improve our response success rate. Probbaly you might want to put your proposal in 2 buckets depdending on your connect usage capacity- 


1. Template based response - This can be a quick response to the proposal which closely meet the criteria & require less effort to service may be 2weeks to 2 months timelines (you can define yours) 

2. Customize repsonse - Here criteria are met 70% - 80%  and you put the effort on the proposal to customize to client requirement and highlighting the critical part of the solution. Timeline could be 2 months+


The point # 1 can be a fast track responses and Points #2 might require time from your side to put concrete solution to client requirement. For #2 you might also look at boosting your proposal so that it appears among top proposl in client queue. 


However there is no hard and fast rule, it is more organizing yourself and to get better value-to-effort ratio. 


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thank you

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