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i want to know " how we can get in touch with other freelancers?

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Muhammad Waseem A Member Since: Sep 2, 2015
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Hope you all are doing well. can anyone let me know how to get in touch with other freelancers? 

Community Guru
Preston H Member Since: Nov 24, 2014
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Muhammad, what exactly are you trying to do?


You can post a message here in the Community Forum and reach those of us who want to converse with each other.


You can even create a new thread. The community forum puts you in touch with other freelancers.


You can even use the private message festure here to send a private message. It would be impolite to send a message to somebody you don't know (unless you are offering me money for little effort on my part).


If you have actual work you need help with and if you have real money, you may post a job listing as a client and you may invite a contractor to apply for your job.


But if you just want to contact a freelancer whose profile you see... Just so you can chat or hang out... You can't do that. This is not Facebook. Other freelancers don't want you pestering them. They are here to earn money from clients.