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id verification issue unknown server error

It almost been a month since I have tried to verify my documents but whenever I try to do so there appear an error named as unknown server error I did all the expected method which the crew member of odesk told me. But none of them has worked for me like cookies clear, format change of doc, browser changing , used the different PC but the error is still there. My work is suffering a lot I can't apply to jobs which the odesk system doesn't care a special holy occasion is about to come I am in need of money but can't withdrawal cox my name of odesk account doesn't match the name of my bank account so I did procces of name change to them but it require Id verification so called the crew member told me a techinal department will contact me to do a manual verification process with in 24-48hr but no one has bother to contact me I must say all there are working just for wasting time of sincere freelancer morale of work go done cox of this issue negligence by the whole team.help me out guys or tell is any one there who facing same issue Best, Zaib
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