** is a fraud

Don't accept jobs from this 'contractor' unless you enjoy wasting time. ** *"Removed by admin"

This is an older post, but I wanted to comment on it because I think there are some very current, relevant points that can be made.


First of all, naming specific clients and complaining about them is not in keeping with forum community guidelines.


ODesk representative Garnor M. has posted an EXTREMELY helpful and informative list of tips and guidelines here:


If would be great if all forum posters would familiarize themselves with this, and if all of us "veterans" refer "newbies" to this if they seem to be unaware of its content.


Secondly, even if we could name specific problem clients with impunity and without getting those posts edited or deleted, I think it would be unprofitable to do so.


I think it is more helpful to talk about exactly what things are warning signs. Naming names doesn't help, because that's just one person. More helpful are WHAT to watch out for, not WHO (e.g., if a client sends you a check to deposit to buy specialized office equipment, don't do it because it's a scam).


I think it IS helpful and appropriate to point out common frauds and red flags that we might encounter, but we should do so in a professional manner. We don't need to resort to name-calling or shouting or juvenile behavior no matter what a client does, and no matter what oDesk does.


Potential clients and potential contractors may read oDesk forum postings, and I would hope the impression they are left with is that they are impressed by the contractors they find at oDesk, and that they recognize it is a group of professionals who are a cut above what they may have found on other platforms (which I won't name here, but which range the gamut from slightly inferior to oDesk to full-on Mos Eisley cantina).