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is it possible for a client to pay half of the amount mid-way of the contract to the freelancer?

possible for a client to pay half of the amount mid-way of the contract to the freelancer? if yes then please let me know. and I would appreciate your help. I have already completed a lot of work and we both have a good mutual understanding with each other. Thanks.

Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi Abubakar,


Thank you for reaching out to us. Yes, it is possible for a client to release less than full amount on the milestone. You can share this link with your client for more information and detailed instructions. 


Let us know if you need further assistance.

~ Nikola

Hi @nikola!

Thanks for your response. my client didn't activate the milestones and he directly hired me on a big project having a single and big amount in escrow and now he can't release a partial amount as we have good mutual understanding and he is a very nice guy. so any solution for me?

The client can change the terms of the contract and set new milestones and divide it up.

he did but the new milestone added a new amount in my contract and it means he would be going to pay me the double the amount. which is not good

No, that would mean approving the milestone. 

The freelancer can input any amount into the value field when submitting the milestone, and refund the amount he hasn't claimed. 

Request the lower amount, refund the rest. 

Hi, Martina Thanks for your response. We have successfully done what we wanted to do. he approved the whole amount as I needed some amount urgently in the next few days and I refunded him back some amount according to our commitment. now the question is will it affect my profile?

No of course not.

Thank you so much Martina.

Yes, something like this has happened to me a few times. It all worked out but it was a huge pain in butt for both me and the client. There should be an easier way to adjust/ammend contracts. But one client got so frustrated, he just cancelled the contract, removed the job, and said he'd hire somewhere else. Truth is though, I could tell he was going to be a nightmare to work with and was glad he just moved on. Then a couple months later, he messaged me here again and said he had made a huge mistake in hiring someone else and wanted to hire me again. I politely told him I was now too busy. And then I blocked him.

Hi Peter. an interesting story. well, my client is really a nice guy. I needed money and I requested him to release the partial amount but there was no option to release the partial amount as the amount was in escrow without having a milestone activated. amount was in escrow at once. so he approved the whole amount as there was still some work left and I am going to complete other tasks this week. so he got no issue with it. and at the end I would like to thank upwork for providing a great platform for developers like us.

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