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job post with emails

Dear Officials

Its an urge to please deal with those people who are flooding the jobs with email addresses and making this platform filthy. its been more than a month since I am experiencing this issue.


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Yes, most job boards are being destroyed by spammers and bots. Upwork needs to implement more effective Captcha or spam filters. In just a single category I counted more than ~25 fraudulent listings posted in the past 30 minutes.

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Definitely a known problem that technology has had the ability to 'screen' for for more than 2 decades.  I find it completely unfathomable that, within an army of programmers, not one of them knows how to write a few regular expressions in the code to catch/delete emails, phone numbers,  instagram handles and whatsapp numbers, etc. or how to apply one of the millions of "off the shelf" software libraries available for free that will do all this for them.   Humans can find, develop, test, and get to "market" a vaccine for a global pandemic in under 1 year, but we can't figure out how to stop people from posting e-mail addresses?   Sorry, but I'm not buying that.

I'm thinking it's something else. I don't believe they cannot quickly create a filter for the job posts.


I don't know what something else that is, and maybe it's not just 1 thing (the "don't force clients to verify their payment beforehand" for example).


But the longer they think about it the more the impact. 🤔

You're right, payment verification to post a job would fix this problem. 

That's actually an example of things they could be arguing right now 😁


Losing potential client because they're forced to verify payment makes sense to me.

It wouldn't. There are lots of scammers that are payment verified. 

It will help fight the amount of spam happening right now. Every one of them is unverified payment.

It might, so worth a shot.

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It boggles the mind that Upwork doesn't require clients to verify payment before posting a job. If they're legit, they will have to verify payment eventually, right? Why not have it be the first thing they do. Certainly would cut down on scammers if they had to go through an extra verification step.

It would also provide confidence to the freelancer that the person(s) hiring are in fact serious. 

Amen. I hate wasting my connects on clients that post a job, find out what it'll really cost, and then just disappear. 

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Not to mention, I've found it a bit awkward to have to tell a potential client myself, "Yes, I'd love to do this job for you...but you need to verify your payment method before we go any further in our discussion." 🙄

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Nowadays there are a lot of scammers and It really scars me as I am also finding it difficult to submit a job proposal, sad but true

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