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job success and open contracts

So if I am reading this right, the fact that I have a few clients who left contracts open so they could find me if they need me down the road is harming my score? 


As far as I can tell, I have only one incomplete contract out of 30-35. I offered that client a refund because after extending a milestone "in case I thought of additional ideas", I couldn't come up with ideas or time. Meanwhile, the client had stopped looking for more articles because the site shut down. They gave me a 4.8 review and kind words. 


Today I saw my 100% job success rate drop to 88%, knocking me out of top performers. 


The only other thing I have is three open contracts without activity- but nothing pending, either. Did that knock my score down that much? And is there really no way to ask for a review? 




Patrick, you have a 4.1 review for an $8 job. No one but Upwork knows for certain, but I suspect that's the primary cause of your JSS dropping. In case you're wondering, I've been assured by Upwork moderators that jobs are not weighted by the amount paid in computing JSS.

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Community Manager

Hi Patrick, 

Other than your publick, and private feedback, a pattern of closed contracts without feedback, and a pattern of idle contracts or contracts without have an effect on your Job Success Score. You may want to read this help article to understand the possibilites why your Job Success Score may have gone down. 

~ Avery