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Mose S Member Since: Sep 8, 2020
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I am a freelancer and have asked my client to initiate the contract-however my client doesn't know where the  green "Hire" button is. Can you advise?


Deborah's eyes were adjusting to the light now that the camera had been turned off and was no longer shining in her eyes. She looked up as the two burly men approached her from either side and lifted her up off the floor as they carried her back to her cell. She could see the cot for the first time and the chains hanging from the black rings on the wall and those attached to the rings on the floor.

The men lifted Deborah higher off the floor, raising her in the air by her wrists as they attached the overhead chains to her leather restraints. Then they grabbed her legs and attached the leather restraints connected to the chains on the floor to her ankles as she hung freely, suspended in midair.
Both men had retrieved leather hoods from the wooden cabinet in the corner of the room and one of the men had a cat o'nine tails. Deborah was suspended in the air facing the wall and couldn't see what was going on, she could only hear the men's movement. Xavier handed the other man the cattle prod as he moved over to Deborah's left side.

The camera remained on Deborah's bare ass as it swung freely in the air. With the first crack of the cat, Deborah let out a blood curdling scream. Each crack of the cat was followed by another scream. The camera caught Deborah's ass as it quivered with each blow.

After a couple of dozen cracks of the cat Deborah's body slumped forward and hung limply from the chains as the camera panned up to show the bright red glistening welts on Deborah's back. The camera's microphone captured Deborah's groans and whimpering as it was switched off.
That would scare the **bleep** out of me, if it were someone I loved, thought Xavier. He had to laugh to himself at the trickery. His man with the cat had been thrashing it against the wall and the other man had alternately pinched and pulled Deborah's nipples to get her to scream or used the cattle prod on her **bleep**.




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Petra R Member Since: Aug 3, 2011
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Mose S wrote:

I am a freelancer and have asked my client to initiate the contract-however my client doesn't know where the  green "Hire" button is. Can you advise?


You don't have a green "Hire" button yet. You need to complete your profile in full and truthfully (which includes your real physical location) and if (!) your profile is approved, it will have a green "Hire" button. But unapproved profiles do not, so you are several steps away from anyone being able to hire you. Be reminded that everything on your profile must be accurate and true, including your location.


Joanne Marie P Moderator Member Since: Nov 26, 2017
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Hi Mose,


I'd like to confirm that Petra is correct. I checked your profile and you have not yet completed it and submitted it for review. Once your profile is approved, you can start submitting proposals and clients can also invite you using the hire button. Let us know if you have further questions. 

~ Joanne