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jobless searching jobs

Hi Good day! I'm a member in odesk since 2009, I'm diligent, accurate and effective working in odesk since my past jobs,I had a wide of job experiences in Administrative support and I'm wondering right now that I've been 3 months of jobless until now nothing hired me, there's clients respond for job invitation but they will just issuing invitation but unfortunately they will not get back to you. I'm changing my rates from time to time but neither less nothing likes my attention. But I still not losing hopes, I'm writing here just to show up my problem in looking for a job. Any opinion or recommendations please share it to me. Thank you for your help.
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First and foremost, I'd have trouble hiring you for any sort of admin support or data entry roles due to your limited ability to speak English. In addition to that, you currently have 3 on-going projects that have been around for months. There are many clients that do not want to compete with existing projects for time and as such, will not hire someone that appears to be too busy.

Hello, Thank you for the comment, I'm sorry if my english communication is awkward to you. actually I'm into practicing english, practice makes perfect, I know you got a high standard when it comes to communication, It's fine for me if you can't hire due to my english ability is not a good impact to you. I'll keep practicing until it's perfect, but speaking with my ability in mind and the way of delivering of work or workmanship I got a good grades on that. Those on going projects are on hold and there's no confirmation when it resume. That's why I'm writing here looking for a chance if somebody can recommend me for a job and I'm available for full time job.Thank you sir for your practical advise.
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Hello, You can also make private those tests that you fail or done below average.
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Same thing here. But I didn't lose hope, I always put my best foot forward. Kind Regards, AviJii
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Well, for a start I do understand your English and its good. :) I am contractor too who sometimes dont even have a single project in weeks or even in a month but when it does, sometimes I dont even have time to pee 🙂 my rate is up and down too lol, have to study new things from time to time to be competitive and have my rate be practical/fair. I guess all we have to do is apply and apply again, Just make sure you do NOT break the trust of your client by completing the job well. They will ask for your service again sooner or later, sometimes with referrals and thats for sure, cheers!

Nice one, I appreciate your ups and it levels me up, lol..I keep that in mind. Thank you so much. Thumbs up!
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Hi, Samuel here. How do I get my first job?

Hi Samuel,


Thank you for your message. I see that you have recently signed up for Upwork. We’re here to help you navigate the world of online work. Let’s start with the basics here at Upwork. You’ll find a list of essential resources hereBelow there are a few Upwork Academy courses to help you get started:

Additionally, feel free to sign up for upcoming events and webinars to learn more about how you can boost your success on Upwork. We hope you find these online resources useful in your Upwork journey.
Thank you,
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