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keep earning in ODesk account

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Soumi R Member Since: Feb 2, 2015
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This is my 1st post here. I am actually very new in this community, but able to manage some earning.
I want to know how long can I keep my earning below $1000 in Odesk account safely?

Is there any defined period? or will it be chargeable after a particular span?





Soumi R
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Suzanne N Member Since: Aug 15, 2012
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When you set up your first payment method, you'll be asked to choose a payment schedule. Once your balance equals or exceeds $1,000, your funds will be transferred according to your chosen payment schedule. Balances below $1,000 can be held in oDesk until you accumulate enough for a scheduled payment, or transferred manually whenever you wish.




Think it is basically the same for other countries. But you can do a search got Getting Paid and find the info.

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Preston H Member Since: Nov 24, 2014
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Um, if you are asking if oDesk will start charging you a fee or something if you leave too much money in your account, or if you leave money in your account for too long, then the answer is no. There is no such fee.

But whether or not it is safe to leave a lot of money in your oDesk account... Well that is another question. If you take time to read though very many threads on this community forum, you will see that one of the very most commonly complained about problems is oDesk contractors getting their finances frozen due to some inexplicable decision by oDesk because oDesk's automated algorithms suspect the contractor of doing something suspicious. ODesk contractors are often accused of financial "irregularities", without further explanation. This often seems to happen for reasons that are not at all the fault of the contractor.

If a person were to read all these stories told by people who had their money frozen or money transfers suspended, one might not think keeping money in their oDesk account instead of withdrawing it is such a great idea.
Valeria K Moderator Member Since: Mar 6, 2014
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Hi Soumi,


There is nothing wrong with keeping your earned money on oDesk. As Suzanne pointed out, balance of more than $1000 will be withdrawn automatically according to the payment schedule you set up. Moreover, after 180 days the money will be automatically sent to your payment method since oDesk is not able to keep freelancers' funds indefinitely.


Regarding suspensions that Preston mentioned. Although there are reviews performed by the oDesk Team, as long as you do not violate oDesk Policies and perform well on the platform, you shouldn't worry about your account being suspended.

~ Valeria
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Preston H Member Since: Nov 24, 2014
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I would like to expand just a little bit upon what Valeria and I have already said.

There are two types or two broad realms of quality control that are going on with oDesk. One has to do with payments and the other has to do with customer satisfaction.

Automated algorithms can put contractors, including the very best contractors, "on review" because of perceived quality issues, even if clients are very satisfied with the contractor's work. This has happened twice to me. It may be for something as simple as working many hours for a client in one week and working far fewer hours the following week. (This is a theory on my part, and not something I can confirm is true because I have not seen oDesk's automated adjudication algorithms.) We aren't told the reasons why automated action is taken against our accounts for perceived quality control issues.

But I have never known there to be any financial or fund limitations put onto my account or other accounts for performance/client satisfaction/contractor quality reasons.

To be very clear: although I find some of these automated actions against contractor accounts to be irritating, they have never involved any limitations on my funds. My payments from existing clients have flowed unimpeded into my oDesk account, and I have never had any problem transferring money to my bank account any time I want to.

There is ANOTHER realm of checks and quality control that oDesk does which is just about money and funding. This involves oDesk looking for "irregularities" and suspicious activity regarding financial transactions and payments, and it includes checking carefully to make sure that client payments to oDesk are valid and successful. If there is any problem in this area, then your financial account can quickly be restricted. If we believe what people posting on this forum say, then this is something that happens a lot, and it often comes as a surprise to contractors. At least there are a lot of contractors who claim it is a complete surprise and say they did nothing wrong. Many have said that their accounts were restricted because of a mistake a client made. Maybe a client used a credit card for which the expiration date has passed.

There are also millions of oDesk contractors who have never had a problem with financial restrictions but have never logged onto the community forum to post a message saying that for the umpteenth time they were paid on time and withdrew money without a problem. The people we hear from here are the minority who run into a problem and are seeking some help, answers or guidance.

Maybe these contractors who post on oDesk community forums are being less than honest and they were all involved in some kind of financial shenanigans and were trying to defraud oDesk. But that seems unlikely for all of them. But my perception is that there IS a risk of having an oDesk financial account restricted through no fault of one's own. For all I know, this risk may well be higher for certain payment methods or certain funds withdrawal methods, and this risk may be greater for certain regions.

I do not know. I have never had a problem like that.

Also, I know that we often see that such problems ARE cleared up, sometimes very quickly, within a few hours, and sometimes after a longer period of time (a few weeks), but eventually clients are able to receive their money, for the most part. Some types of work are guaranteed to be paid by oDesk even if the client does not pay or the client funding runs into problems. Some types of work contracts on oDesk have no such guarantee. There is a difference between oDesk suspending or limiting you financial transactions, versus oDesk simply not being able to pay you because you did unguaranteed work and a client chose not to pay up. Oftentimes if a client does not pay oDesk, then oDesk can not pay you, but that is a different matter than the question at hand.

Keep in mind that although Valeria says you will be fine if you do not violate oDesk policies, it should be pointed out that oDesk does not only take punitive action against contractors for violating policies. It also takes action when there are problems with you clients' accounts And it also takes action when it's algorithms *perceive* or "think" that you are violating policies. Often when human oDesk workers look at a contractor's work history and actions which have been flagged by the automated algorithms, they see that the contractor has not violated any policies or dissatisfied clients, but was simply flagged by the algorithms due to an accumulation of mathematical statistics and metrics. That is why accounts under review are routinely put back onto normal status and why financial restrictions are routinely lifted after human oDesk workers look at things, because the automated algorithms are merely predictive and mathematically based and do not know what you "really" did.

So I can't tell you what the right decision for you is. But there are a number of things to consider beyond simply whether or not you intend to violate oDesk policies and whether or not you intend to do a good job for your clients.