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Is this company legitimate. they are asking for my personal information


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This is a scam.


For future reference, you may not ask about companies and employees by name to ask if they are legitimate.


A company's name or client's name doesn't matter. It is irrelevent. What matters is their behavior.


Real clients do not ask for personal information. Upwork has all the information that they need. Real clients do not refer to an "Interview Manager" or "Recruiting Manager."


Real clients offer to hire you using an official Upwork contract.


These people are SAYING that they want to hire you, right?


"we have decided to hire"


So all you need to do is tell them:


"Thank you for the offer to hire me. I am looking forward to working with you. You may go ahead and use the Hire button in your client-side interface to send me the official offer, and I will accept that immediately. You are authorized to obtain all the information you need directly from Upwork."


Then, if client actually sends you a hire offer, you will see the offer arrive in your Upwork interface. And when you accept the offer, you will see you have a contract listed on this page: My Jobs -> My Jobs.


If you see the contract listed on your "My Jobs" page, it means you have really been hired and the client will pay you.


If you don't see that, then they are a scammer. Don't provide them with any information and don't do anything they ask you to do.

Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi Floxy,


The job you are referring to has already been removed by Upwork team as inappropriate and moved to Archived. Don't share personal or banking information with clients. Clients who reach out to you on Upwork should hire you on Upwork and don't need to know your private information to do that.

~ Valeria

I may have gotten the same "offer."  I flagged it.