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linkedin profiles writing question

Hi everyone, 


I do some linkedin profile writing sometimes on here. I wanted to know what other people's methods are -do you write out your copy and recommendations in a document and deliver it to the client, or do you ask them for their password and directly make changes? 


I've done both ways and haven't settled on one method yet. Going in and changing everything for them feels like more of a "service" and more professional in some ways, but it kind of bogs the process down a bit because I have to wait for them to give me a dummy password and go in and make security changes so that their community doesn't get bombarded with notifications about changes. Plus then if they don't like something it's more of a process to change. 


Interested to know other people's methods and what is working for ya'll. Cheers!

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It depends what the client wants, and you charge accordingly. It makes sense to keep it in document form until all the revisons are finished, then enter it in LinkedIn. The important thing is to find out at the start what exactly the client expects.

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