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logins don't work and are cheating me out of bids daily

NO ONE will help me at upwork. They clearly don't care in the slightest about me or anyone else. Oh, well. Glad I tried. I can log in with google any stupid time I want. But to access ANYTHING on the website I have to use my gmail, but ANOTHER password I never set and it refuses to let me reset it and keeps telling me it's not a valid email! What am I supposed to do when I can't bid, I can't even watch the help videos, and not one single person will give me one MOLECULE of help on this **Edited for community guidelines** site.

The **Edited for community guidelines** robot that should be set on fire says a moderator will answer my question immediately. I think the robot is full of it and no one will answer me, ever, because that's how websites play this game and hurt their users because they don't care. 

Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi Rebecca,


I'm sorry to hear about the trouble this caused. It looks like you were able to sign in to your account and you've reset your password just recently. Feel free to reach back to us if you're still experiencing any issues and we'll be more than happy to assist you accordingly or have one of our agents assist you further.


Thank you!

~ Bojan


Nobody EVER listens when you need help. Why does my gmail have two
passwords and I have to use both every single time I click on something?
There's not even an OPTION to change the second one. NOWHERE. I changed the
ORIGINAL which is my entire google password for the whole stupid planet but
that wasn't good enough for upworks. NOOOOOOOOOO I need TWO passwords for
the same email, I don't know one because I DIDN'T SET IT UP and now I'm
completely and totally locked out of all the jobs I've been bidding on.

I apologize for the frustration this caused, Rebecca. 


One of our team members will reach out to you directly via email to assist you with this issue as soon as possible. 

~ Bojan
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