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long term hourly project

what kind of effect do long-term hourly projects have on jss?

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Long-term projects can help your Job Success Score.


In calculating JSS, the Upwork algorithm looks for "long-term clients," which are clients who you have worked with for three months or more, and for whom you have earned money from in the past month.


So if you regularly work for somebody using an hourly contract, and you have worked for that client for 3 or more months, then that will be considered a "long-term client."


Upwork likes to see clients and freelancers who have long-term working relationships. So the percentage of long-term clients out of your total list of clients is calculated. The higher that percentag is, the more it can help your Job Success Score.

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Preston is right. Additionally, long-term clients are beneficial for your JSS regardless of whether they are hourly or fixed-price contracts, as long as fixed-price milestones meet the earnings parameters. 

and what will be the effect on jss if my hourly project does not last for 3 months?
one of my friends said it will have a negative effect on jss and because of his jss drop, he left upwork

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