make a bill for a job that I don't update

Hi my name is Connie, I just start using upwork but I didn't update the job but I finish I contact the client and everything is ok and client is happy with the job  but know I do not how to create a bill or where I can entered the timing that I worked in that project. so please somebody can give me and advise in how to do it.


I read the help that comes into the upwork but i still now so sure how to do it, please if someone can able to explain me please i will appretiate a lot.


Do you have a contract with this client? If so, is is set up as a fixed-price or hourly job? 




First of all, a clients billing account needs to be verified, If it's not, you don't even start working until it is.


If this is an hourly job, you needed to download the Time Tracker and once you activate it, you need to make notes of the screen shots it takes. If you did that, you will get paid automatically, There's nothing to do except to send the completed job, to the client.


If this was a fixed rate job, the client needs to FULLY fund escrow BEFORE you start working. When you're finished, you'll submit the completed job by clicking on the Request Payment/Submit Work button. When you do that, 3 things will happen.

1. The client will release the funds in escrow right away.(there will be a 6 day security hold by Upwork)

2. The client will disappear and then you'll have to wait 14 days and in 14 days all funds in escrow will be released to you.

3. The client will ask for modifications, which you'll do, and submit again and 1 or 2 (above) will happen.

Hi Maria,


It shows that the current contract you have is an hourly contract. To bill your clients for an hourly contract, use the Upwork Desktop App to log time to your Work Diary. This is the only way to qualify for the Upwork Hourly Protection. Your Work Diary may also include manual time. You may learn more about Hourly conract and how to bill your client through this link.