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making a contract ending reversible?

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Deborah C Member Since: Oct 29, 2012
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Dear Community,


a client of mine ended my contract and sent me a fund request. All this was only due to a little misunderstanding and he is vey sorry and wants to make the whole situation reversible.


I already contacted the support, but I have no answer, yet. So I would like to hear also your opinion.


ps: i didn´t refund nothing because I didn´t request the release of the money. We are speaking about a very little amount of money, though. The only reason why we would like to make this reversible is because we want to end this in a positive way and give also positive feedback. Speaking off. When I saw that he ended the contract, I contacted him, he didn´t answer because he didn´t check the messages and so I left him a bad feedback.  The same for this. I want to cancel it. 


Any sugestions?


Many thanks and good work 😉

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Petra R Member Since: Aug 3, 2011
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An ended contract can not be "unended"


To get the refund request gone you want to reject the return of the funds to the client's payment method, which you can only do within 7 days of the contract ending, or as long as you still have the ability to do so.


The client then has to accept this, which will pay you.


if it is too late for that the client can pay you via a bonus, even if the contract has ended-this can be done from the "contracts" area (see below)


As far as the feedback is concerned, the client needs to go to the contract by clicking on Freelancers, Contracts, ticking the "include ended contracts" box, then clicking on your name, and finally click  on "Enable freelancer to change feedback."


You will then be able to change the feedback

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