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maximum balance

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Ahmed E Member Since: Aug 20, 2017
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i just wanted to the know maximum amount i can keep  in my balance 

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Petra R Member Since: Aug 3, 2011
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There is no maximum balance but you can't keep your funds on your Upwork account for more than 180 days.


You also need to change your profile picture to a photo of yourself.

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M. Mobinur H Member Since: Nov 21, 2014
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Petra R

My Automatic Payment Schedule set for quarterly & limit Only When Balance Is $1000.00 or more, my balance available $4 in May first week  (earn 2nd week April) now today my balance available 28.16 today (earn $24.16 more in Jun first week 2019) so the balance increasing I want to keep it in how can I keep my balance for 180 days even more? [if possible more time] 

so 1> IS it only $4 will send after 180 days?
note- all the earnings are not  at the same time,

2> how will count 180 days?

a>from the date my balance available?
or b> earning date [approx 3 weeks before available  balance]



my Last Payment
$9.01 on Nov 29, 2018, to Direct to Local Bank (BDT)**Edited for Community Guidelines**

would you please make me clear.


Thanks a lot

Best regards

M. Mobinur **Edited for Community Guidelines**