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Hello upwork,


My question is all about membership fee and rollovers of connects. 


So currently I am enrolled in a plus membership that all connects will be refreshed on the date of January 9,2018 so I am thinking what if I will downgrade my membership to basic,  then does my downgrade to basic will change my rollover schedule or it will be the same date when i enrolled in plus?

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If you downgrade, no Connects will be rolled over.

my question is that, the day I downgrade my membership I still rollover on the day I scheduled to rollover when my membership is plus or it will change the scheduled? so basically when I change my plan does the date will change the rollover or not? I need informative reply Thanks.

Hi Niña Joy,


When you downgrade your Membership, it takes effect on the first day of the next cycle. So you will have the connects you have until the end of this billing cycle but they will not roll over to the next one. Your billing cycle will remain the same with the Basic Plan until you update again.


~ Valeria
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