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message-center page is taking too long.. Is it with all other freelancers too ?

For last few days, my message-center page ( https://www.odesk.com/message-center/ ) is taking too long.. Is it with all other freelancers too ?


Can I download all previous messages and delete these from my message-center, but with keeping one single message with each client alive, so that I would be able to reach to each of my clients.



I have the same problem. It takes such a long time to open a message. 

I often have to click the Messages link again or refresh the page to make it work.

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I've been having to open it in the browser inspector tool and drop the mask class so I can click on a new message. The mask class never goes away, and prevents me from reading anything even after the page is loaded.

Hi there,


May be anybody else has encounterd this also:


Since thursday a orange sign wit hthe number "2" In it near the message is saying there are new messages in the inbox. Going to the msg center by clicking the message button, results in a near never ending try to display the messages in the inbox. But there are no new ones, because none of the threads has a bold written headline.


Ich encountered this problem on three different computers.


Some help is appreacited.

Thank You



Wolfgang, if it's any consolation, you're not alone in experiencing difficulty reading messages. Here's another discussion of this issue: http://community.odesk.com/t5/Freelancers/message-center-page-is-taking-too-long-Is-it-with-all-othe...


By now I would hope that oDesk support is aware of the issue, but an acknowledgement of the problem by oDesk staff would be welcome.

"No good deed goes unpunished." -- Clare Boothe Luce

We all know that oDesk has not been working properly for the last 2 days. I thought it was fixed, but I can't see a message that a client sent to me. I have to open it via my mobile, as it is not seen on my regular computer. It is a new client, and I can't even see her in the message history, and I replied to her via mobile. 


Can you please fix this? Yesterday, I couldn't even accept 2 contracts. I had to spend 90 minutes just to accept 2 contracts. 




The slow loading of the message area is a thing for almost 2+ moths in my case. I thought that it might be browser specific, so I ignored it.

Two days ago I found that all my archived messages spilled in to my inbox.
The good: I didn't know oDesk kept all of my messages, even the ones from 5 years ago, it was nostalgic to read some of them.
The bad: I had to manualy archive 25 pages of messages with a half working message window 😕


Same issue here, please fix it.



I have had the same issue for now 2 days, contacted Odesk support, did everything they'd asked me to do: clearing cache, cookies, using different browsers etc.. and finally they eslaclated my case to technical support team, which may take 2 or more days to hear back from them. 

I think this is an odesk website issue, since many people are having the same problem, they will fix it soon, for sure.

"I think this is an odesk website issue, since many people are having the same problem2


Agreed, no-brainer


"they will fix it soon, for sure."


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Don't hold your breath...


Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi All,


There are certain technical issues with the Message Center that are currently affecting a number of users. Our technical Team is aware of it and is working hard to fix it as soon as possible.


We appreciate your patience.

~ Valeria

Anyone else get the orange page with this message when clicking on Messages:  



Due to technical difficulties we are unable to process your request. Please try again later. (error: 0)


Yesterday and today. Not fun, Crikey!