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my account

I bought a new laptop and I want to open my account on it, could this expose my account to any problems?


Hi Amani,


There shouldn't be any problem if you log in to your Upwork account using your new laptop or if you use another device. Please know that this is not a violation of Upwork TOS so long as you are only accessing your account and not sharing it with other freelancers. What you need to avoid is account sharing, which is a violation of Upwork TOS and can lead to account suspension.

~ Joanne

So its good to login from multiple device? Thanks.

re: "So its good to login from multiple device?"


If you are asking:

"Does Upwork accord any benefit to users who log in from multiple devices?"


The answer is: No.


If you are asking:

"Is it against Upwork rules for an individual user to log in from more than one device?"


The answer is: No.

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