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my amount vanish from pending

hello sir 


hello sir i m facing issue that

the payment of my one order has been returned without notfying me from the pending section

and suddenly the order is not shown in pending section and not also the payment


why is this happening 


Hi Abdul,


I can see that you already have an open ticket regarding this issue. One of our agents will update your ticket and assist you further. 

~ Joanne
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still no one has contacted me and i m totally depressed. 


Upwork is getting service fees to make our transaction secure. 


then why from the pending section my all amount deduct and reversed withou even concerning me. 


i have done work and complete all work and when the time of getting payment upwork reversed because client was suspicious.


so it was your duty to confrim before enable there offer. 


why we work on freelancing websites. 


because we think these are secure and scam free 


and now what we are getting null being scammed on offical platforms. 


thank you all. 


but i dont this is better to work on 

Hi Abdul,


I am sorry for the inconvenience this has caused. I shared your concern with the team handling your case and one of our agents will follow up with you on your support ticket as soon as possible to assist you further. 


~ Nikola
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