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my client disappear..

I'm new here at oDesk.. and for me to get hired immediately, I entertained fixed-price project...fortunately the client chose me.. so we discussed the work load and the payment.. he also send me the files i'll be working.. after few conversation..and exchanging files.. he suddenly disappear no more replies and even his job posting says "declined" ... which we're already working on..what should I do... is it ok to stop what I'm doing.. and just wait for his reply again.. the deadline is tomorrow. please help... I really don't want to have a bad feedback for not doing the project..

Did you get a contract from Odesk? If not then you were not hired and you wouldn´t be able to get feedback bad or good.

it was a fixed-price project.. I know twas also my fault ,, I just got excited that finally I got a job.. since I'm new here.. I thought that fixed-price doesn't have a contract.. thanks for the info

Before starting any work, always be sure that you have an actual contract. Next time, when the client clearly wants you to do some work, say something like "I am excited to get to work on this as soon as I see that I have been hired and the contract begins." Scammers will go away or be mad that you haven't started yet. Let 'em be mad. They are scammers. Legit clients who just don't know their way around yet will appreciate your graciousness and you should have the contract within a few hours. Never work without a contract.

so meaning hourly basis and fixed-price both have their contracts.. I'm just scared that He will give a bad feedback.. thanks a lot.. I've been so fool... got so excited..

Don't give him the deliverable. Keep it unless he actually hires you. It belongs to you until he does. If he has not hired you he cannot have paid you anything, so he cannot leave feedback. Unfortunately, neither can you, so he will probably go on to do it to others because they don't see that he has done it before. It is understandable to get excited about your first job. Now, you have learned a lesson. Be one of the wise ones and just don't make a habit of it. :) Read some of the very helpful sticky posts on this forum before going any further: Want to get that first job? Then check this out... Job warning signs

... yes probably it won't happen again... too much excitement kills one job.. :) he wanted to pay me outside oDesk.. poor me.. thanks for the info.. I just saw this forum today..

There was a post nearly exactly the same from another newbie yesterday. Maybe it's the same client. if you have the time or the inclination you should report it to oDesk - it might not help you in any way but it could help others falling into the same trap

Yes I did.. I told them about this.. and I sent them also the copies of our conversation.. showing how I became so hopeful on this project... this incident really put me down... I almost finished all the files he sent me.. luckily I didn't send him all just few.. 😞

Do not let them talk you into a example article or job, most times this is a scam. Put several on your portfolio for the clients to see. That happened to me a few times in the beginning so I messaged them and told them they did not have permission to use them unless they paid me within 24 hours. I then posted them in my portfolio here on my profile as example work. You should also start a Google author acct and post them there so if they try to use them they will not pass Copyscape and protects you and teaches them a lesson. 🙂

Google author?! I'll try that... I don't like the portfolio here in oDesk ..it doesn't have any album.. so the works are scattered.. I have a DA account.. where else should I post my work without sacrificing the copyrights..

If you have your own blog post them there too, Both me and my father have our own blogs, and every time someone rejects a article or does not pay me I post it to my Google+, Google Author, and my blog with the clients name if they did not pay. Odesk can stop you from posting it here, but they can not do anything about you venting and revealing the clients who steal from you on your personal accounts outside of Odesk. Hope this helps you out as I know how frustrating and devastating getting robbed is when you rely on getting paid from your clients to pay your own bills. 🙂