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my client still didn't submitted my work

Hello, I did my work and submitted it with my work files, the client still didn't appear, I had last day on 20, I sent my work on 19, so now I am interested if this is common? it's my first client and I am not sure if this ok or not? Upwork says he paid for this on 15.05. the milestone shows still 0$, should I wait? or what I should do? 



thank you 

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It sounds like the client has not approved the milestone. If you are uncertain, you can kindly remind the client that the milestone needs to be approved to be completed.


When it is approved you will get a message in Upwork messages saying
John Doe approved the milestone
and date, amount, name.


Does this help?

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It does not matter if the client appears. It does not matter if the client approves my work.


I click the "Submit Work and Request Payment" button. Then I wait.


If the client does nothing, then I get paid AUTOMATICALLY.

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