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my job feed posts on my own page


Regarding the my job feed posts on my own page

I noticed that most recommendation jobs I have was under

web Programming and Web Design, mobile apps

but my Categories and skills

was Data Science & Analytics , data analysis and machine learning etc.. this happen

So why that happen?

I have will attach

four  pictures

1- sample of my job feed now

2-my skills

3- my categories

there was no relation between my skills and categories

and recommendation jobs appear to me

Is this a problem I have or is there a solution to improve



**edited for Community Guidelines**


my skills.pngm Categories.png


Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi Ibrahim, 


I've noted all the screengrabs you sent, and I'll share this with the team for their review. I'm sorry if this has caused you any inconvenience.

~ Avery

thanks Avery

I appreciate your interest and the speed of your cooperation
i hope to solve this problem quickly


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