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need some answers please

I am new on odesk and I have just completed a job a and received a 5 star rating. I have the following questions and I need them to be answered please. 1) what is the minimum amount of cash that can be withdrawn from odesk? 2) the 3$ payed to me are not visible at the "Get Paid" section, when will they be available? 3)the 5*s given to me are not visible on my profile? 4)I need to know about the payment method? what should I use and how should I use it? kindly answer my questions. I am looking for your help. regards Shahzad Khan Niazi

Hi, The withdrawal is up to you. When payment is issued, it'll show as pending until the 6 day security period has passed. You have to wait for the feedback to be updated on your page. Usually about 2 weeks if I recall. Read about the payment methods in the help section and decide which one suits you. https://support.odesk.com/entries/23153358-How-do-I-access-my-earnings- All of the answers are within the help section, you just have to patiently look through it.
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