new hire on hourly rate

anyone please tell that how the new hire policy will effect the newly hired freelancer and work for upcoming projects.

I have bewly made a contract with the client and 3$/hour is effective on it.

but how to make the contract and change the contract as this is for 5 hours work and after that 6$/hour agreed by the client.


adnan shahid 


The client makes the contract, not you.You should get a notice that you've been hired and the job should appear on your jobs page (listing the pay rate and the number of hours)


Once the 5 hours at $3.00 is completed then  the client needs to give you the raise. You should get a notice that the pay has been increased. Make sure that the new pay scale is shown on your jobs page before continuing to work or you'll still be paid at $3.00.


I'm not sure if the client can simply increase the rate or has to close the job and give you a new contract at the new rate but either option is something that only the client can do.

Don't know if it's been changed, but before the client had to close the job and reissue.


some of them just give bonus instead of doing that.


guess with the change on forum it's gone, but this same was discussed about 2 years ago on the forum then.


Hi all,


I just wanted to clarify. Clients have an option to Increase Rate on hourly contracts. They can do it from their Contract Overview page. It will, however, automatically create a new contract with the freelancer.

~ Valeria