new to the website

hello i am a freelancer and new to your website. I am searching for a job at home. i applied for some jobs already but i didnt recived anything if i was not qualified or the employer turned down my bid. i hope there is a feature in your website for freelancers to know those things. I also would like to ask if how will i know if I am appropriate to be a bidder on your website. I saw a profile that was tagged as inaappropriate. I am afraid i might have that tag already that I didnt see. because i do applied for many jobs but I didnt even get any reply or comments if I was in or out. I would really like to get atleast one job and earn at the comfort of my home, thank you so much and I am looking forward for a reply from your good company.

Hi Rona, Welcome. You have to be perseverant. You've only just joined the site so it might take a while for you to receive your first job. Keep improving your profile page and apply for roles which suit your skills and things will get better.