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no interviews/invitations irrelevant

off lately i am noticing being a top rated plus freelancer i am struggling to find new clients..not sure its something to do with alogirthrm or boosted proposal..anyone else having same issues?

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I am facing the same issue these days. I have a Top-rated batch in my profile but not receiving enough interviews these days despite applying to new jobs every day. 

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Yes I have seen the same thing happen. It's been 3 months now, and I have not gained any new clients. I've sent hundreds of proposals, most including a 5-15 minute loom video, and I've received no responses to proposals or notifications that anyone has watched the videos. Since people are not watching the videos, this leads me to believe that my proposals are not being seen at all.

Part of the problem is that jobs on upwork are typically posted by companies and people looking for the cheapest and fastest work possible. There are some quality clients but it's rare. Now the cheap labor is flooding into upwork and out of the 100+ proposals a client receives, maybe 5 of those are professionals and the others are sales people working for "factory" agencies that outsource the work further or freelancers in countries like pakistan and india who can survive working for 2-8 dollars an hour. I think there is still value to upwork, but we all should also spend time building out our websites and other lead avenues so that upwork is only a small portion of how we get our clients.


I wish you all find success this holiday season and can make it through these difficult times. Don't ever stop marketing yourself and looking for ways to grow your business. I also suggest that you reach out to larger agencies and companies that offer the work you do, and see if you can do work for them directly.



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thanks guys i really appreciate your comments..along with it i really want to make sure that i hope unboosted proposals are not showing as unexpanded lists of proposals..

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I have visited your Upwork profile you are really good but you haven't posted a lot of work. Create more project catalogs and send a strong proposal to the job. You'll be hired soon.
Plus setup correct title and skills . always check top freelancers in your field . by using search>>talent>> type your field . 
than it will show freelancers profiles realted to search . than check top profiles and skills list . than setup your profile as they have . no need to copy paste . just get idea from these profile.

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