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nonobjective damaging feedback

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Fernanda M Member Since: Apr 10, 2016
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Hello community,


Just wanted to warn you about an issue on the feedback system, sorry but this will be long.


I worked for 4 months for a company as a virtual assistant. During my time working there I had nothing but positive comments reg. the quality of my work. However, after the 1st month working there I realized that working full time only for them was not working for me moneywise. I discussed this with the client and they offered to increase my hours and that way I could make a better income, and that if I continued doing good work, my hourly rate would be increased.


Every day I had new tasks assigned to me, which were completely outside the scope of the contract.

I discussed this with the client again on the 3rd month, and they were so generous to increase a whole dollar in my hourly rate. After the increase, their attitude changed completely, they were not nice anymore, and they kept giving me more and more responsibilities, again outside of the scope of the contract AND my field of knowledge (there's always room to learn new stuff, but... let the cobbler stick to his last) . Despite the attitude and the constant new tasks I was given I received no complaints on the quality of my work. But at that point I just wanted to stop woking for them as I understood that this situation would not stop but only get worse and I would only get more and more stress from this.


I was really afraid of leaving the job because I was aware that the client was very vindictive with anyone who would not do what she wanted.


Knowing that, I sought for advice with Customer Service. They advised me to finish the job in good terms and not to be afraid because if anything, an investigation would be initiated.


I sent them a resignation letter, ended my contract and gave them an objective overall feedback of 2.8


Result? I got a demand letter from them threatening me to pursue legal actions.

So, I reopened the ticket for CS to be aware of this. I sent them all the evidence I had about the history of my work. The answer was that they could not do anything because of lack of evidence Smiley Indifferent

Decided to leave it there and go on with my life.


However, a few days later I found that the client had left me a feedback of 1, with personal comments stating that I was a "horrible freelancer"(I'm no supermodel, but children don't run away from me when they see me), that I had no dignity, that I was a congenital liar and ending the comment with the word "Beware" (That one actually made me laugh... as if I was a serial killer...BEWARE!!!).

No comments on the quality of my work were mentioned in this feedback. 


Upwork TOS state, literally:



Feedback that is honest and objective contributes to a vibrant and productive marketplace. The best feedback focuses on the facts, while providing helpful information to both the recipient and the community as a whole. We do not monitor, censor, or investigate feedback. However, on very rare occasions, we may delete feedback found to violate our Terms of Service. Attempts to falsify feedback, manipulate, or coerce another user by threatening negative feedback are strictly prohibited, as is any offer to sell or buy services in exchange for positive feedback.

Feedback containing the following types of content may be removed:

  • Spam, advertising or other commercial content
  • Content that endorses illegal activity
  • Content that personally identifies another user
  • Political, religious, or social commentary rather than a genuine comment regarding the work experience
  • Profane, vulgar, obscene, slanderous, libelous, threatening or discriminatory language, or adult material


CS answer was to encourage me to respond to the feedback, which I did in a very respectful manner. And they did in fact removed the parts where it says I have no dignity and that I am a congenital liar.

I'm still a horrible freelancer and clients should beware of me though. So ... Maybe just change my profile picture to one of Iron Maiden's Eddie, or The Grinch.... so there's consistency on me being horrible and to beware of me.


Cheers, and beware!





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Preston H Member Since: Nov 24, 2014
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By definition, all feedback is subjective.

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Fernanda M Member Since: Apr 10, 2016
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That I understand.

What I don't is why they have TOS that they don't apply