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not getting a rising talent badge

Hi, I am Angela Lucero, working in Upwork for three months now. Already earned 1k+ USD and currently in two ongoing projects.


I believe I have met all the requirements of rising talent and even received commendation from one of my ongoing clients. I also pssed the upwork readiness test.


May I know why am I still not receivening the badge? Is there still some requisites that I missed? Will be happy to comply if ever, as this badge really means a lot to me.


Hoping for a response the soonest possible time. Thank you in advance and more power.

Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi Angela, 

The Rising Talent status is automatically assigned when a freelancer meets the requirements. This process works as designed, and we can't specify why a freelancer isn't eligible for the Rising Talent badge. Once you qualify, you should receive an invitation to the program.

~ Avery
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