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not getting any job

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Wassim B Member Since: Oct 19, 2016
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Hello everyone,

I'm just wondoring how to get some work here, because i submitted 9 proposals and there is no reply i don't know why..

if anyone can explain or give me some tips how to correctly get a job, that will be great.

sorry for this question but i think there is a lot of freelancers are having the same problems

thank you

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Zoe A Member Since: Dec 16, 2018
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Hi Wassim,


When you start out it can be difficult to stand out in a crowded place, but in my experience, it gets easier and easier.


I am a content writer, and here are some tips that I think worked for me:

  • Applying only to jobs that I was literally perfect for.
    • It is a competitive space and if you're not perfect for a job you can assume someone else will do it better. 
    • Find jobs within your niche and apply to them and them only. This will save you a lot of time.


  • Send a detailed proposal that is well written
    • Check your spelling and grammar.
    • Read the description properly and reference it in your proposal - especially if they've asked you to write a specific sentence or phrase 
  • Match the clients budget 
    • It may be okay to exceed it a bit, but if a client asks for a job to be done for $300 and you bid $1,000 then you're too expensive for them.
    • Equally if they ask for $300 and you say you will do it for $20 - they may be suspicious of the quality of work you will deliver
  • Complete your profile 100%
    • I can't see your profile, but you need to make sure you've filled out as much as you possibly can
    • Include examples of work from work off Upwork to show you can do what you say you do
    • Include your education and employment history etc etc - like I said complete as much as you can
  • Complete the Upwork readiness test if you haven't already

Those are a few tips that will serve you well! - good luck!!

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