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not happy

After being forced to move to this system from elance, which was working fine i am finding upwork to be constantly failing, manual entered hours not appearing, message system not working, system is very lack of information and or instructions and even more of a scary thing is the fact the desktop client wants to constantly take screen captures which may and almost certianally is going to result in the exposure of personal information,


I face the same!


disregarding of site failure, which in fact is most big problem of upwork! site is ok! I was not happy with it also but in couple of months I get it a little fine! may be I used too it.


however this has still lake of functionality as we were having at elance.


I still like elance, I start there and I  have attached my feelings there.

I feel the same.  I billed a client for part of the total contract, and now, because there was only one milestone, they say I have to ask the client to add milestones.  Even though it shows a remaining amount of what was originally funded.  this site is not very user friendly.


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