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TOLGA U Member Since: Aug 5, 2014
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I am new at oDesk. Take that into account before anything else. Cause I'm a little split minded these days. Is this a wonderful community or am i searching for gold in wild wild west ? In my very first attempt here, I have hired a brilliant designer who helped me execute a great ad poster in just 2 days. Smart, talented, passionate, quick and very responsive to constructive criticism. I paid him his full fee and still, he kept sending new ideas. Absolutely outstanding ! I am a creative director at an international agency and in a process of building a virtual studio. My first experience at oDesk made me feel this could be a wonderful place to do that. My second experience on the other hand was a nightmare. A total waste of time and money. My numerous interviews put me in front of unskilled second class artists, who did not understand the brief, could not ask the right questions, not interested in our aims, and only wanted some money for the work whey would for sure not deliver. In the end, I had to choose someone out of desperation and the obvious happened. I am reluctant to spend time at oDesk anymore. At least in search of genuine creative talent, i am very hesitant. I write this to test out community's reaction and maybe, deep down inside, I want to meet someone who could prove me wrong. Oh. And. Good luck to all good freelancers. alp.
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Gillian Michele N Member Since: Mar 15, 2012
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Hello, Sorry to hear about your experience. Odesk can be a great place, but yes, unfortunately you sometimes have negative experiences. Amongst the bad freelancers there are a lot us who try to go above and beyond to keep our clients happy. We're not all just here for the money, some of us care about completing projects to a high standard and striking up great relationships with clients. You say that you haven't been here for long, so it's early days. I hope you stick with it for a while. You might just find a rare diamond. All the best.
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Shahzad A Member Since: Feb 11, 2012
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It is not such a bad place to give up immediately after having a bad experience. It is strongly suggested you to
  1. Narrow down your search criteria using available filter while posting a job. For instance: 500 hours of work experience, feedback score above 4.5 etc.
  2. Job scope should be very clear and well defined. Always avoid writing general description. Well explained job with some sample work attached (obviously for inspiration) will definitely attract valued freelancers.
  3. Apart from the applicants, you can also search and invite a few freelancers to your post.
  4. Hire 2 or 3 freelancers from available pool and assign them a small task. It will definitely help you to choose the right person.
  5. Stay in touch (via oDesk, Google or Skype) with hired freelancer to track the progress. Do not forget to review the workdiary (for an hourly paid job) periodically.
  6. Rehire the person who understands the way you want to get the work done.
Feel free to write for further help!