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oDesk Client Scammer Alert!

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Jessica W Member Since: Jan 2, 2014
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Here is an email I got from a client offering me a job. She is a legit scammer I looked it up. Do not give her any of your info or agree to work with her. ** Be cautious when accepting jobs from clients. She has this listed as well and I plan on reporting her, or him. * Removed by admin Ok apparently odesk doesn't want you to be able to know or identify these scammers so good luck I guess and be safe.
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SHALONDA H Member Since: Jun 2, 2014
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Agreed! I received the same email. I am a cyber this is a LEGIT scammer!!!! Do not take the certified check or anything, it will hurt you in the long run.
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Igmi L Member Since: Jun 16, 2015
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I dont understand how Odesk/Upwork allow scammers like **edited for Community Guidelines** to steal freely.
Even after warning odesk we are being scammed, and we were stolen $800, Odesk paid him additionally more than $1000. so more than 2000 dollars were stolen from us by **edited for Community Guidelines**  and Odesk. We used to spend thousand of dollars monthly. Now we decided to stop.

Community Guru
Preston H Member Since: Nov 24, 2014
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Igmi, I am sorry if you had a bad experience with a contractor. Upwork can usually help in situations like this and get your money back. But you have not provided enough details about your case. Please elaborate so we can analyze the situation and comment.
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Dexter O Member Since: Oct 13, 2015
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**edited for Community Guidelines** is a scammer!!! havent paid me . i knw it was my mistake to trust anybody. but im writing this just to warn everybody cos he is still hiring.  hope upwork will take action on this .