oDesk Feature Suggestion for Job Posts

Hi fellow oDesk users! I hope everyone is doing well. This topic is more for oDesk. I've been applying jobs today and just as I was cleaning up my applications, I saw ones that were 1 month old already, and they are a lot. I think currently there's a feature on freelancer availability. I think it should be the same with clients as well. In the sense that to be sure they are really going to use odesk, there should be an ending period for their job post. For example, if a client wants to use odesk, when he or she posts a job, it has a validity of about a week. Upon which he or she needs to pick a freelancer or closes the job. That provides the freelancers a level of commitment from the clients. Of course everyone here wants to be productive. I reckon that freelancers would want to maximize the time and work to earn here in odesk. Just a thought.

There's already an expiry date for their posts. I think it's about 30 days. A week might be a little too short for some clients to hire someone, especially if they're looking to hire multiple freelancers.

Thanks Gillian!

Over in the categories of Video Production and Design/Multimedia, job postings often say that the work is required urgently or in a very short time, and yet 3 days later, no one's even been interviewed. That's true of 6 of my 12 currently "active" applications. And these applications continue to take up slots in the quota. So the applicant has to make a judgement call on whether the project is delayed but alive, or dead, since the last viewed value is inaccurate based on my experience. So my suggestion is that oDesk requires the client to choose a 'Keep-Alive' time ranging from, say, 2 to 5 days. Any activity by the client related to hiring like looking at the candidate list or interviewing resets the clock. But if the Keep-Alive period elapses without any client activity then they get an email asking them to either put the job on 'Hold' or to close it. A non-response closes the job. This system doesn't put any onerous requirement on the client. If the job is really active, they will visit or interact and the job will remain alive. If they have fulfilled their requirement elsewhere, or they have forgotten/neglected the oDesk listing, the job will automatically close. If the project is delayed, they can put it on 'Hold' when they get the email from oDesk.

OR we could just ignore what we consider inactive posts, keep applying to new ones, and just let oDesk fix what needs fixing instead of asking them to come up with new ways of breaking down the site. my two cents.
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I can ignore inactive posts, but oDesk doesn't, counting them against my quota. And since I have a finite quota, I can't "keep applying to new ones". At some point, I have to decide whether a job listing is dead or just on hold. Now, some of these inactive listings will become active, and if I have withdrawn, then I will have missed out. It doesn't have to be this way. This is not climate prediction. The client knows whether they intend to return to the job application or not. My suggestion is aimed at deducing that information without requiring too much of the client.