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oDesk Guarantee

Community Guru
For the first time as a contractor, I noticed the oDesk Guarantee badge on an offer that came in. This is also the firs time I've seen the new link called 'offers' on the right side-bar while browsing within the Find Work tab. As a client I had seen this before for one of my regular contractors who've I've thrown several projects his way. I thought it was nice and all, but considering I have hired him many times with great results the guarantee was more of a feel good than practical as I'd hire him regardless and never complain. As a contractor, I never thought this badge would be placed on my bids or invites because the hourly rate would be more of a risk for oDesk. Today I received a surprise! Here's a screen shot for those who have been wondering if they too have ever had this badge or not. This screen comes up when you click on an offer for hire, I haven't seen it anywhere else. Sometimes I try to post screenshots to help others see what to look for from both contractor and client sides on the UI.. hope this helps 🙂
Community Guru
I have an contract that has been open for 2 months, that has been worked on weekly since it started, the client had their account(one of them, they have 3 client accounts) suspended last week pending some form oDesk needed them to sign for Elance (weird on so many levels), anyway, 2 days ago their account was re-instated, and guess what, the gurantee showed up on that contract after their suspension was lifted. It is really strange, and I agree that it doesnt make sense since obviously the client like my services and has completed upwards of 10 contracts with me since we have been working together almost a year now. meh
Community Guru
Link isn't working... here it is again manually
Community Guru
It's only logical for you to get some kind of recognition by oDesk, Tony (I think partly that's what they think the badge is). The feedback you get with your rate is an extremely rare combination on this site. I don't think they see it as a risk really, your work history shows nothing risky. On a related note, I also got my first badge on a contract with a long term repeat client. Not sure if it's useful for me or them, but I guess oDesk considers it necessary for some reason. I'm not particulary happy about it, if I have to be honest. I've dealt with my contracts and payments pretty well before the badge came to be, and I don't thin I need someone guaranteeing for my work while in the same time holding a proverbial sword over my head (the ominous and vaguely explained 'profile review' promise).