oDesk I.D Verification Site is Circulating on F.B Groups. Real or Thieves?

This site is being circulate around F.B oDesk group mostly with Indian Profile (no offense meant) It supposedly states that you only need to log on the site and get verified without requiring any Valid Identification. The log in page looks like, well almost looks like oDesk log in page. Site link below. oDesk are you aware of this? http://odeskverify.fiz.su/ BTW, whatever you do, don't log in.

OMG... It looks almost identical to oDesk's log in page. I don't think this is real; oDesk would not verify IDs this way. Did you report this to oDesk?

Just about too. Almost looks like, but lacking with so many small details and the font. Not to mention the URL.

Don't go there.

Yup took off as fast as I could.

I just reported it to CS. It's a fake login page. This is what CS told me: [quote]Please do not enter your oDesk login information on any site other than https://www.odesk.com .[/quote] They will inform the Account Security Team to check this. I honestly didn't notice the text on this login page. Not that I ever log in from other pages than oDesk's, but this page looks like the real one. And I never pay attention to the text on the login page when I log in. You are definitely right about the small details.

just looking at the URL should tell you it's not oDesk.

That is what I thought first time I saw the URL on our FB Group. Berated the poster and admin kick his a** out.

Needs more than berating. He committed a crime. Hope Facebook took care about of it.

He got kick out of the group and reported to Facebook. Berate was the politest word I can think of. But what I said to him can't be posted here unless I wanted to get suspended. 😄