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** oDesk Scam

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Eri O Member Since: Feb 28, 2014
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Hi All, I am new to oDesk and was contacted by a client within 24/hrs after registering. The client requested a Yahoo Messenger interview. The interview seemed legitimate enough. A day after the interview I was offered the position and told that a supervisor would reach out to me with employee paperwork that I would need to complete before starting work. Two days pass and no word from the supervisor or any paperwork. I reached out via Messenger to the "HR Manager" made the offer and the story changes. She requested my full name and address so that a check can be fedex to me. I was to deposit the check into my account to purchase software needed to perform my new job. As you can imagine, this news sent off warning flags. Why would a large company like ** send me check to purchase software, when they could just send me the software? And why have they not yet verified their payment method? I asked the HR Manager several times to send payment via oDesk but never really got a straight answer. So I called ** to verify if this HR Mgr even exists at their company. I wasn't surprised with the HR receptionist told me that they've been flooded with calls this week with people wanting to confirm employment and complaints about not receiving their paychecks. As my first experience on oDesk, I'm extremely disappointed that this happened. I was so thrilled that I may have found a source to supplement my income from home and it turned out to be a major scam. Has anyone here had similar experience. Is this really a legitimate job board or a cesspool for scams? *"Removed by admin"
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Gabriele D Member Since: Jan 31, 2014
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I am not sure now whether it was on ODesk or the other site, where during a Skype chat interview I was offered the job, then I was asked whether I had a PayPal account, whether I could send her $200 for some medical supplies and that she would pay me back in 2 days and give me a glowing 5 Star reference. Of course I told her that I wouldn't give her any money, I withdrew my offer and reported it. Another one that didn't agree with my idea of morals - I was asked to write reviews on TripAdvisor, 5 Star reviews for certain companies. I like using TripAdvisor and I always found the reviews there genuine and helpful, I would hate the idea that people try to deceive you by buying them. Not sure about how much of that goes on. I reported that as well, but according to the clients records, he seemed to have been at it for a while.