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oDesk Team app time tracking

How accurate is this system? A bit of info regarding my problem. I work two hours a day. I started 11:10pm on my first day so it only says 50 minutes. However when I continued to work until 1:20 it totalled to 2 hours when it should be 2 hours and 10 minutes. 10 minutes was unaccounted for. On my second day I started 8pm then stopped at 9pm. I started again at 10pm and stopped at 11pm. So it should add up to another two hours which should bring it to a final total of 4 hours. However, when I click on work diary, it says I've only done 3 hours and 20 minutes. I lost 10 minutes on my first day and today it seems I've lost 40 minutes. Where has my 50 minutes gone? A little more information: My job is done on an iOS device. However I have excel open to track what I'm doing on the device so far. When I start working I simply press start then focus on the iOS device. I update the excel file every 15 minutes or so, other than that, I don't touch the computer. Is it possible that this is why there are missing minutes in my logs? I also noticed that in my work diary, there are some timestamps with no screensnaps even though there should be (if following the 10-minute intervals). Why is this so? Any help would be appreciated. Thank you.
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Hi Jeanne, The time tracker measures activity by recording your keyboard strokes and mouse clicks along with taking random screenshots roughly ten minutes apart. The reason you are seeing different time in the work diary may be due to two things: 1. Since you are not actively working on your computer, the tracker records "Idle time" in between. This happens if there's no recorded activity in between two screenshots, that time is marked as idle and is not added to your total. 2. Another thing to note is that once you switch off the tracker, you may end up loosing or gaining a few minutes depending on when the last screenshot was captured. This eventually rounds up as you gain ten minutes sometimes when a screenshot is taken at 10:23 for instance, and you log off at 10:25, the work diary ends up showing the entire 10 minute segment (10:20-10:30) rather than the three minutes you worked. Similarly if your last screenshot was at 10:28 and you logged off the 10:32, you end up with 2 unlogged minutes. This doesn't cause a lot of discrepancy though. If you have to work on an iOS device, you should consider talking to the client and explaining the situation. Either switch to a fixed price contract or get permission to add the time manually to your work diary. Hope this helps...
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Sorry to say but this not fair with the contractors nor for the industry. Why the time tracker is not accurate even if time tracker follows the screen shoot time interval and it loses 1minute than at the end of week for 40hours it loses 40 minutes????  and practically this figure is from 1minute to 10minutes alot of loss for contractors. Please fix it and the accuracy of time tracker should be perfect even 60 seconds should be calculated to work diary of a contractor.

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i tried 4 times in logging in to team player using my odesk account but it will always says that your email and password didn't match... anyone help..thanks.
Hi Archie, Make sure you are using your oDesk username, not email, when logging in. If you still can't log in, try uninstalling and then re-installing the team app. If you still can't get through, please report to Customer Support.
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Tracking time should more transparent and accurate.
I lost many minutes for keystrokes = 0 at a certain minutes. example: 10:02 - 10:14
10:05 --- 0 keystroke, 35 mouse events
10:09 --- 0 keystroke, 40 mouse events
10:11 --- 0 keystroke, 25 mouse events

i lost 3 minutes.
Job may not require key stroke all times. My job was: algorithm, graphic design, prototype design, coding [android]

Hi. I've been trying to log in at oDesk team app, I've been receiving "Invalid response from TeamAPI server. What to do? Please help. Thanks!

Hi Charina,


I am sorry about the issue you are experienceing with the Team App. Please, report it to Customer Support so they could help you troubleshoot. 

Thank you!

~ Valeria

I have seen at least 2 instances of "I'm having this exact problem" followed by "please file a ticket".


I'm having the same exact problem, and I suppose will also file a ticket, but it appears that there's some problem on odesk's end that needs to be fixed OR something in the FAQs that will nelp those new to odesk or with new machines/OSs to get this running.


Can a freelancer make Skype calls with the client or write emails for the client while tracking time? I've read the policy but there's no reference for this situation...


In theory, the time tracker can be used to keep track of anything you do for the client. Writing emails should not be a problem because the time tracker can count the keystrokes. Just be aware that the time tracker will take screen shots of the emails.


It should also work for Skype conversations but the activity level (number of keystrokes) might be low. If the client realizes that you're having a discussion on Skype and is okay with that, then again, it shouldn't be a problem.

Hi everyone, I'm new to odesk and the odesk team app too. Right now I'm in the middle of accepting offer from client and I will have to use odesk team app to work.

I have question though. Suppose I work using two different computers, that means I will have to install the app in both computers, right? Is it okay to do that? If I do those things, will the time tracker record my work from previous time (which was done from another computer) or just the work time after I installed the app?

I'm kind of confused about this. I need help and suggestion so that I can decide what is the best way to work and use this app. Thank you to anyone who is kind enough to reply to me asap. Smiley Happy 

Hi Stevanny!


You can install the app on  multiple computers as long as you only try to use it on one computer at any given time. You will log in and select your client and what task you are performing each time you start working and log out when you are done. Your time is uploaded to oDesk while you are working, so  no matter which computer you log in with your time will still be there. 

Hi Angela!


Thank you for replying me so fast. So I can install the app in multiple computers but I can't switch between multiple computers in short interval time? Did I get you right?


Oh, can I ask your suggestion? Which one do you think is better; work using the app from one computer or multiple computers?

You just cannot log into the app on both computers at the same time, but you can log out of one and then go to the other and log in and continue working. 


I have the app on two computers, my desktop, for when I need to work in my enclosed office space, and my laptop for when I am doing something that can be done away from my desk.

Hi again Angela!


Thank you so much for the explanation! Smiley Happy

not able to log in the app, when i enter username password it just shows connecting but not signing in, i have unistalled app many times still help me guys 

Hi Yuvraj,


You may find the solution to your problem in this Thread.





Good day


I am a new freelancer from odesk. Two (2) days ago I started to work for one (1) project. I just want to know why my Work Diary was still empty. Also I already downloaded the Team App but eveytime i opened it says..Your roster is empty..,reasons maybe I am not a member of any team.,your employer has not permitted you to see any member., or there was problem getting roaster information from the server.


Need your help I already worked for almost 15 hours.


Thanks and God Speed.


Luz Altura


                   By any chance you got any email that you are hired and the contract has started ? I don't think the client has hired you otherwise you will see the team in your team room to track time.

hi sadan


Thank you for the iimediate response. I already received an email from odesk help center regarding my cncern, and they told me to ask my client to create a contract of platform for me to be able to track my time  have an active contract on my account.


One (1) more thing,  to date i have received two (2) email from 2 different  client stating that I am part of their project. So it means everytime I received an email / offer I should first ask for a contract? 


Thank you again.


Luzviminda Altura